About Salmo

Salmo Fly Tying Products is an Irish company that manufacturers the highest quality fly tying organizers. 

Use any one of our organizers and you will see how much more convenient it is to tie flies, your materials are always at hand so time spent rummaging through shoe boxes or biscuit tins is now a thing of the past. Say farewell to the days of duplicating your purchases of fly tying materials, you always know what you have in stock because it is there to be seen all the time and conveniently there to be used without tedious searching. 
 All our fly tying organizers are designed to be used as a stand alone product so over time you can purchase the products that suit your style of fly tying. Once you use any one of our products you will wonder how you managed before, apart from owning and using a very beautiful and durable product and the pleasure that it gives, you will notice that your production goes up because everything is at hand and easily accessible.